Monday, December 10, 2012

Inappropriate Wings - No Angels Here

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of. ~Ogden Nash

I came across that quote the other day and thought, HMMMMMM, at my house it's a babygate. That is, unless you are Rookie.

He has discovered the way into any room is up and over. Yep, the little monster has found out he can jump babygates. Now I have babygates for a reason (most importantly to keep Baron and Bourbon seperated since they can't live nicely together), but Rookie doesn't care about my reasons.

I didn't need Red Bull to give him wings

Lucky, for him (not so much for me apparently) I have wall-mounted babygates so they are stable enough for him to use when he hurls himself over them. Not much finesse, huh? :)

Man of Action

Nicholas decided he would throw Rookie's favorite ball into the livingroom to entice him to jump it (not that he needs much prompting!). He obviously thought I needed some help getting footage...thanks dear. At least neither the ball nor Rookie hit me while taping :). Disclaimer: No Erin's were harmed during filming.

And for all those that wondered, yes he jumps it both ways - out and in. That multi-talented little monster. Here's the proof:

What inappropriate or annoying 'skills' do your dogs have?

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