Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Undercover Lover

He was not amused by my taking pictures of him!

Vito is a little confused by all the Spring weather we've been having this December. He prefers cold temps at night so that he can continue his undercover lover activities. Yes, my dear boy buries himself in blankets every night for bedtime and during random times for naps. In his kennel he has 'special' blankets that have been Vito-ized (aka blankets with giant holes torn in them for the explicit reason of sticking a head out of them).

One of Vito's favorite blankets.

He gets very grumpy if he doesn't have HIS blankets at bedtime, but apparently any old blanket will do for random naps. Sometimes I have to poke blanket piles just to try to keep track of him! The little stinker :). You have to admit though, it's awfully cute to just see a nose poking out. Like this...

This was a random nap time.

Or this...

Another nap time.

Sometimes I don't even get to see a nose. He completely covers himself. It must get nice and toasty in there, like a bun in the oven. His nickname (Vito Burrito Bean) stemmed from seeing him roll himself up in the blankets. He's been doing this ever since he came to live with me at 12 weeks old.

Completely covered although I do spy a tail.

What odd or special sleeping habits do your dogs have?

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