Thursday, December 27, 2012

Secret Santy Claws

'Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the Topp house
not a canine was stirring, not even a spouse.
The stockings were hung by the window with care
in hopes that Mr. Brown would soon be there.

The puppies were cuddled all snug in their beds
while squirrels, collars, and balls all danced thru their heads.
Vito in his blanket and Monday on Momma's lap
we had just settled down for a long winter nap.

When out in the yard arose such a clatter
they sprang out of bed barking 'what is the matter?'
Away to the windows they ran like a flash
turning on the outside lights as part of their dash.

The lights on the crust of the new fallen snow
gave the luster of midday to objects below.
When what did they see all amazed and awestruck
but a big, Brown package delivery truck.

With a little red doberman humming a catchy slogan
they knew in a moment it must be Hotrod Hogan!

Secret Santy Claws presents from Hogie!!

Haha, I couldn't help myself :). The crew sends out a major THANK YOU to Hotrod Hogan (and his wonderful mom Kristen) for being the awesomest Secret Santy Claws ever. Check out Hogan's blog (Being Hogan) where he talks about the fun he had shopping for the crew. We had quite the fun watching the dogs open and enjoy their presents. Here's a glimpse into our wonderful madness and a warning - there are MANY, MANY pictures :).


Bourbon had asked for a squirrel to fall out of the trees for him. Barring that, he would settle for a stuffed squirrel he could destroy. His SSC present consisted of not only one squirrel, but THREE. And they all squeak!! He got a really cool plush toy called the Hide A Squirrel (Check it out). He didn't know what to do with all the squirrels, LOL.

Bourbon finally gets his squirrel!!

His go-to method was leaving all the squirrels inside and putting the whole trunk in his mouth and squeaking them all at the same time. He's definitely got a big mouth!! He absolutely loves it and just lights up whenever I get it out for him to play with (he has to play with it under supervision, LOL, we're not quite ready for him to destroy it!).


When we first gave Vito his present, he didn't want to open it. A little bit of his resource guarding popped up and he just wanted to keep the present, LOL. We finally convinced him he'd have much more fun if he'd OPEN it. Vito got what he loves most - a mountain of tennis balls. 12 to be exact! He didn't know what to do with them all!!

He looks very happy! Thanks Hogie!!!

I filmed a short video of Vito with all his balls :). He was so cute with them all!! Check it out HERE on youtube.


Miss Princess got a fantastic collar that shows everyone she is really a girl! :) The collar is awesome and  is made by Claudia at Cozy Horse. She also makes awesome dog coats - one of those are on the list for Baron one of these days. Cozy Horse is also great because she donates a portion of the sale to IDR. We love that her collar also helped those in need, bestest choice ever Hogie!!!

Sadly, the collar did not help her attitude any :), LOL, she prances around more than ever before because she knows she looks good!


Baron got one of the coolest toys of all. SSC Hogie sent him an Orbee-tuff Mazee (check it out). He LOVES it. So far Baron has only had kibble put it in (which is on the easier side because of how small the pieces are) but I've promised to run out and get some bones to put in it to make it harder for him :).  Baron especially likes the food puzzles because that means he gets to eat in the living room and I spend time with him (to make sure he doesn't eat the puzzle!!), it makes him feel special I suppose :).

We took a quick video of him enjoying his present. Nicholas couldn't stop helping him :), boys and their toys. I've uploaded it to Youtube HERE.


Rookie was the only puppy that opened his present like a champ. I wish I had gotten it on film it was soo good, LOL! SSC Hogie got Rookie a double tug (this), just like he put on his list to Santa. He couldn't believe he had a gift under the tree, he is so thankful he was included even though he 'technically' isn't part of the permanent crew. He hasn't wanted to stop playing tug since he unwrapped the toy, but sadly mom doesn't have Schwarzenegger arms so we have to take breaks :). Here is a rather long film strip of his occasion, I so should have had this on video.

Our crew can't think Hogan and Kristen enough! They had the bestest Christmas EVER!! :)

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