Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apollonia has been ADOPTED!

Yesterday, I got the confirmation that Apollonia had been adopted by her new foster family. See last week I drove her up to Davenport to meet another volunteer within IDR+ (thank you Christine S.!!!) so they could take her up to Illinois in preparation for last Saturday's adoptathon. Unfortunately, she didn't get adopted at the adoptathon but she did go home with a new foster. And that new foster has now decided to keep her! :) I love happy endings.

She is a great companion for a road trip!

And while Apollonia didn't stay with us long compared to my usual foster timeframe - only 2 months when it's usually at least a year :) - I still had time to fall in love with her. So here are some parting words for Ms. Twinkle Toes:

I loved having you in our home. I wasn't expecting to bring home another foster with our already full house, but I just couldn't turn you away. Nicholas even enjoyed spending time with you too, although he doesn't get as mushy and show it like I do. We had no idea what your past was really like, only that your future was going to be the best we could make it.

She has the sweetest soul.
I know your thankful for love. We could see it in your eyes, they lead directly to your soft soul. I know you'll never take for granted the simple things in life - blankets, kisses, and FOOD. Oh dear, you are quite the chow hound. I thought for sure you'd get adopted by some great family right away, but you stayed longer than I expected. I have no complaints though, you are a fantastic friend. You might be small in stature but you have the biggest heart.
You are always so happy and so eager to please. Your happy tail and dancing toes were always a joy to experience when we came home. You have never failed to put a smile on my face. You are such a beauty and honestly, you make everyone you meet smile.
A definite heart-melter.
There are a few things I want you to remember in your new home. First, try to relax on leash. Enjoy the walk; you don't always have to be in such a hurry. Second, toys can be fun. Please learn to let out more of the silly - it's quite fun! And lastly, enjoy your new life. You are now in your forever home that will shower you with love. Soak it up baby girl, it's your time to shine. I suspect that you will get more attention and love than you ever have before.
My heart is so full of joy for you. We love you Apollonia and wish you all the happiness you deserve. I'm honored to have been a small part in your journey. Thank you for letting me show you that there's a better world out there and that love does exist. Have a great life, Ms. Twinkle Toes.

 Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending. ~ Lazurus Long

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