Friday, April 26, 2013

Strut Your Pup

This week Live Healthy Iowa started a new challenge - Strut Your Pup. Of course, I signed up! I have plenty of pups to strut around with :).

The informational flier!

The Challenge

This challenge is designed to get you and your dog(s) out moving together. Dog walking is great for your health (and your dog's health too!). Studies have shown that people who regularly walk dogs may benefit from lower blood pressure, have trimmer waistlines, and suffer from fewer chronic diseases. Dogs are great accountability partners too, they are always ready to keep you active and on schedule! I know my dogs are always ready for activity of any sort :)!

So the idea is that your team is made up of you and your pet. Usually the Live Healthy Iowa teams consist of 2-10 human individuals but not this time! I named my team the Monday Movers :). Creative, huh? Obviously from the team name, I signed up with Monday, although if you have more than one dog you are allowed to record minutes spent with all of them. I might have a somewhat skewed advantage on that though, haha! I decided I would only record minutes spent with two dogs - Monday and Baron. Those are usually the two dogs left out of things anyway, so this should get them some more mom-quality time!

"Are you ready to do something Mom? Huh, Mom, huh? Let's go!"

My Goal

The challenge runs from April 22 to May 31. I've decided, in order to hold myself extra accountable, that I am going to do one blog post a week about the activities we do for Strut Your Pup. Ha, and now you guys can hold me accountable as well :).

Ready to Join? It's not too late to sign up - registration deadline is May 3 at 11:59 pm. And if you don't have a dog - borrow one! :)

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