Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Rookie!!

Today Rookie is officially adopted ... by us! I know, I know, no one saw that one coming :). After a year and a half of fostering him, there was no way the little dude was leaving. So in honor of his turning 2 years old this month AND getting adopted, I baked him some pupcakes! Yummy...

Rookie's has the Zuke's bone on it since it is his birthday. I put rabbits on Bourbon's in honor of his lure coursing abilities from this weekend (more on that tomorrow!!). The rest have little Blue Buffalo treats on them for decoration :)

A close-up of Rookie's special pupcake.
I got the pupcake recipe from another blog (surprise, surprise) - Pretty Little Pastimes. The link should take you to the recipe - the pupcakes are peanut butter and carrot flavored :). They actually did smell AMAZING baking. The dogs thought they were pretty amazing as well. I know this because most of them gobbled up the treats faster than I could take pictures (Rookie was nice and shared the pupcakes with his brothers and sister).

Behold the swiftness:

I set the cupcake down, Monday swallowed. All gone :)

Baron left a few crumbs from his 'attack' on the pupcake.
Rest assured, he did manage to clean those up :).
Then you have the other two brothers, who apparently like to make sure no one will take it away from them while they enjoy it. Both decided the stairs were the most appropriate place to consume their goodness.

Behold the (mild) resource guarders and slow eaters:

It looks like a pupcake...
It tastes like a pupcake...
It still tastes like a pupcake over here...where no one can take it from me...
It rolled down a step, LOL
It is edible! Yum :)
Is this thing real? Is it for me? What the heck is this?
I'll check it out under the table where it'll be safe. No one can take it from me here.
Nope, top of the stairs is better. It's the farthest I can get away from mom,
she might want to take it back. It's MINE :)
Ok, I better eat it before she decides I can't have it. Yummy...

And the Birthday Boy:

I love pupcakes!
What is this????
And since I didn't get very many pictures of Rookie's first pupcake, I gave him the extra one. It is HIS birthday after all! I caught this one on video:

And I did get him a present. Well, two presents - one is on the way here in the mail (antlers! Thanks Kristen!!). The other one...well he doesn't really enjoy it, it was one of those necessary gifts, not a fun gift. Which is a sign that you are getting older :). Here is his torment:

Poor Rookie! He has an inner tube around his head, LOL. But at least he can't scratch his face or neck!!

Happy Gotcha Day Mr. Stinkyface!!! We really do love you :)

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  1. happy Rookie is officially apart of the family :) and those cupcakes look fabulous!!!