Monday, April 15, 2013

Fastest Adoptions EVER!!

This weekend Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus (IDR+) worked their magic again :). Last Thursday I pulled a Doberman (Duke) and a Boston Terrier (Tully) from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) to run through IDR+. Ok, got that? It was THURSDAY.

Guess what? Tully was adopted FRIDAY and Duke was adopted SUNDAY. Ridiculous isn't it? :) Mostly just awesome and amazing though.

Mr. Tully. He is almost a year old and quite a lovable handful!

Who are you looking at? :)

Saturday I drove Duke up to one of IDR+ locations in Carol Stream, IL so he could be available to meet prospective adopters. Since he was pretty, I figured he would go fast, and dogs get more exposure being in Illinois (rather than out in the boonies in Iowa!). I didn't know he would go this fast, but out the door he went :).

Isn't he a gorgeous boy? Only about 2 years old!

It's no wonder he went quickly! His personality so far matches his stunning looks!

I like goofy ones :)

The rest of my weekend activities will take up a few more days worth of sharing! I'm quite exhausted from all the goings-ons :) but it was worth it! Check back tomorrow to see what Bourbon was up to and if he managed to make mom proud.

People that say 'money can't buy you happiness' never paid an adoption fee!

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