Monday, April 29, 2013

Restoration Projects

Sometimes having dogs (especially those like mine) means not having nice things - like couches, windows, and dog beds that actually match your decor. I'm sure windows and such aren't necessary but they sure do add a lot to a room - namely natural light :). But sadly also a view of things happening in nature, namely squirrels. Damn those squirrels!

Bourbon takes exception to the fact that squirrels are free to use HIS tree and HIS yard to frolic without a care in the world. He got a bit worked up the other day, barking and caring on and all that nonsense at a squirrel, and he just so happened to break the window. Sigh.

The broken pieces. At least they are big shards and the flimsy thing didn't shatter!
View from the outside (with a barrier LOL).

Luckily, he didn't try to go through the window (also lucky that the storm window was down and created a barrier). So now I have baby gates in front of the windows. Classy huh?!? Whatever works for His Majesty I suppose :).

Only slightly prison-like.

So that is on the agenda to get fixed this week. Maybe we'll splurge and put brand new windows in the living room (something my husband is not happy about contemplating). So while Bourbon was busy destroying unnecessary windows, I was picking up the reupholstered sofa cushions. Yea, remember this incident? Well, oddly what I forgot to mention was that while Rookie did most of the damage to the sofa cushion, Bourbon actually started the tear. Yep, that was his first strike - now the window is his second! Bourbon also managed to tear another one, so I had all three sofa cushions reupholstered.

This was the living room while the couch was 'naked.'  I love the versatility
of Xpens! Notice I put down plenty of dog beds for their spoiled little butts :).

The 'new' couch. It's returned to usable status!
The fabric is different but the color ended up matching pretty well.

I chose to use Crypton fabric so I knew it wouldn't quite match the back of my couch since it is microfiber. But I don't think it looks as weird as I thought it might :). At least the Crypton fabric is supposed to be much tougher plus stain resistant and much easier to clean. That I am excited for!!

And we are going GREEN...

in the office :).

Thanks Dad for the painting expertise!

With the orange living room, blue spare bedroom, and now green office, I am well on the way to my rainbow :). We still have to refresh the white trim in this room and then it's focusing on redoing the bathroom. I am thinking yellow and gray for the bathroom. I love colors.

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