Monday, May 13, 2013

Baron's Farmer's Market Adventure

This weekend was the opening for the Ames Farmer's Market. It was originally supposed to be last weekend but was postponed due to the snow. Silly Iowa weather. But since I finally had a FREE day Saturday - seriously, I had nothing scheduled, it was soo amazing - I decided to walk Baron up so we could sample the wares.

I also decided that since I was taking Baron, he would have to make himself useful and carry all my stuff. It's time to start earning your keep dogs!! :) So I outfitted him in Bourbon's old back pack (that he has never worn because he can no longer go on nature hikes due to avid screaming at all things living and moving - talk about embarrassing!) and off we went.

Waiting to cross the street.
I only live about 9 blocks away from Main Street where the Farmer's Market festivities are held, so it gave me a quick chance to work on Baron's leash manners before we arrived 'in public'. Baron is actually great on  leash and out in crowds, however he really only came as a two-speed model: trot and run. So I have to continually remind him to walk at my pace, which he does not enjoy. And the taunting squirrels and flirting rabbits along the way did not help. They always seem to know exactly how close they can get before it gets dangerous.

I see a RABBIT mom....
Once we got up to the Farmer's Market, we quickly found our friend's stand so I could buy some salad before it was all gone. Baron obligingly carried it :). Baron also bummed some tulip-flavored water and some asparagus-flavored water. Pretty soon I'm sure he'll be demanding flavored water home :).

Yum, this taste soo much better than water at home...
It was very windy Saturday morning and the vendors at the Farmer's Market were having a bit of trouble keeping things from flying away. One of the canopies even took flight down the street! Luckily, Baron just looked at it like that happened every day. What a goof. Many people stopped to pet him and comment on how 'useful' he was being with the pack. He, of course, soaked up the adoring attention like a King and then promptly got pouty when other people ignored him. I had to tell him that he wasn't one of the 'attractions', LOL.

Where are my adoring fans?
Everybody loves me today! What a great day :)
We even got a chance to educate some women on why we didn't like Cesar Milan and if they HAD to get their dog training tips from TV (don't even get me started on that actual topic!) then they should be watching Victoria Stillwell's show It's Me or the Dog. All in all, it was a great day and a great adventure for Baron. He might just have to become a regular (well whenever I can make it!).

Licking up food crumbs. Doing his part to fight litter, LOL.
Mom, are you done taking my picture yet? I want to explore!

Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization. ~ Daniel Webster

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