Monday, May 20, 2013

Strut Your Pup Week 4

After Baron's adventure last weekend to the Farmer's Market (which counted for Strut Your Pup Week 3, however I failed to label it as such!), Monday decided she wanted a public gathering outing as well. She can get a bit jealous :). Lucky for her, we were signed up for the Angie Anderson Memorial walk hosted by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa on the DMACC campus trail that loops around Lake Future.

Where are we going? What are we doing?
Are we there yet? I am ready to go!!!!
Saturday dawned with extremely nice weather and Monday and I were excited for the walk. We had a few altercations early on (like in the first 10 minutes) that had me thinking about leaving before the walk even started, but once we were registered and out of the 'crowd' things settled down. I know it's a typical rant, but I still just can't believe how many people don't pay attention to what their dogs are doing in public! End of topic :).

They had a few vendors set-up for some quick shopping :).

We mostly hung out behind the vendors at the end so
we were away from the crowd and rude dogs ;).

The trail around Lake Future is 1.182 miles long and Monday was ready to go! I made her wait until most of the dogs had already started though, that way there would be fewer dogs to contend with and less people walking on our heels. It was such a great day for a walk - warm and semi-cloudy. Not too hot and not too cold :). Monday certainly enjoyed herself and we walked with a friend I don't catch-up with often, so it was a great walk for me too!

Is it time to walk yet Mom? I'm ready to do something...

Let's get this walk started!

Our friend Porsche was the Grand Marshal this year and lead the walk. It was quite the honor :). We had originally planned to walk in front with her, but there were just too many dogs and too many people letting their dogs be rude, so we ended up staying towards the back. But we didn't let it ruin our day and we got to catch-up with them after the walk :).

Lisa and Charlie with Porsche. 

Monday and I  :).
Monday was pooped for a little while once we headed home. She never stays down long! I'm not sure why all my dogs are energizer bunnies? :) She had a nice snooze in the car on the way home and then about an hour nap at home. After that, she was ready to go again. I wish I had energy like that!!

Heading home! Proof she does have a momentary 'off' switch! :)

Her nap at home in the middle of the kitchen floor.
Where else could she be more 'in-the-way'!?!

Meanwhile, I am ready for my nap...

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