Thursday, May 9, 2013

Granddog Perks

Vito spent last weekend with his 'grandparents' (my parents) while I journeyed to Dubuque for a car show and then up to Minnesota for Bourbon's lure coursing. Vito really enjoys staying with his grandparents, especially during the summer when they take him up to their cabins in Clear Lake. He likes the individual attention and all the swimming!!

Last weekend was time to open the cabins for the summer season so Vito journeyed up to Clear Lake with them, albeit no swimming this time :). It's not quite warm enough!! He did however take along his precious Kong Wubba (don't tell him, but it's really like his 6th one because he keeps destroying them!). He doesn't get to play with it at home very much because he has to play with it alone. Remember, this boy doesn't share well ... especially not his special Kong Wubba :).

Cuddling with the Wubba...
Loving the Wubba...
He was tuckered out by the end of the weekend and ready to come home. He loves his grandparents but you can only have so much vacation!!!

Vito is a tired boy!

Meanwhile, at the car show I was scoping out new rides for the crew. I totally think this should be my next dog-wagon!! I'm sure all 5 dogs could fit in this beast, probably with room to spare :)

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