Monday, May 27, 2013

Rookie's Experiment

Rookie has finally started his 'alternative' treatment for the demodex! Wahoo!! We should start seeing an improvement in a few weeks so here's hoping!! Now for the details (not that I know much!!)...

He is such a great car passenger. Baron was in the kennel
in the back so Rookie got shotgun.

The Nitty Gritty

So the first time Rookie had demodex (when he came to me as a foster) we treated the conventional way - oral Ivermectin and Mitaban dips. It took several months for it to clear up but it eventually did. Sadly, when allergy season hit this year Rookie's mange came back - which meant we weren't dealing with the common juvenile demodex that dogs grow out of when their immune systems become fully functional. We are now looking at adult demodex, which is a result of a weakened immune system and is something that he could battle for the rest of his life. Total bummer :(.

This time around I wanted to look at ways to help his immune system instead of just fight the mites. Enter Dr. Farr and Bovine Thymus Extract. Rookie got his first injection of Bovine Thymus Extract on Friday and will get his next one on Wednesday. The treatment plan is 3 injections every week for 5 weeks. At least they only have to go subcutaneous so I can do them at home after the first few. Oh, the things I do for this dog :).

I know there are treats on this counter ladies.
If you're going to poke me, I need a treat!!!

So what is this cow thing?

Thymus extract is a chemical that can be man-made or produced from the glands of a cows. The thymus gland is involved with the immune system through it's hormones and hormone-like factors. So it works by improving or boosting the immune system and is experimentally being used in animals suffering from immune-related conditions. Exactly what Rookie needs!! And so far they haven't found really any side effects, although it is still relatively new. The goal is to get his immune system stronger so this will not be a reoccurring problem, we totally do not want to deal with again!

Um, if you're not going to get them for me....

I'll get them myself....DAMN! They are still out of reach :)

He might look sick, but he's still naughty :). He's actually holding up really well considering how bad his skin looks (although it has looked worse!!). I'm doing a ton of supplements/vitamins and things at home to hopefully help him as well. Seriously, it takes forever to get his food ready because of all the pills I hide in it :).

  1. Ester-C
  2. Vitamin E
  3. B-Complex
  4. Cephalexin
  5. Benedryl
  6. Herb: Cool the Blood
  7. Transfer Factor (immune boosting poweder)
And in addition to all those supplements, he also gets sprayed with Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray three times a day and every night before bedtime he gets rinsed down and I apply Kletochlor leave-on lotion. The main goal is to keep the secondary infection under control as that is what can become life-threatening. So far I am doing a damn good job if I do say so myself :).

Tired on the way home. Obviously the whole vet thing
is just exhausting :)

So think healing thoughts for Mr. Stinkyface! :) Hopefully we are in the home stretch...

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