Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vito Hits The Trail

Vito's been a bit antsy lately and it's been driving us nuts. Boy does that dog have a pair of lungs on him! :) Since the weather has been nice, we decided we would hit the trail out at Peterson Pits with the little man. It was a bit cold for swimming, but we walked the main trail around the Pits.

Vito checking out the lake from a picnic table.

Vito is ready to go!
The South Skunk River water was pretty high, which is a great thing compared to last year!! Vito thought it was a bit too crazy for him to get into :).

He's not so sure that look safe :)

Nope, not going to get in!!

While he didn't get into the river, he did swim for a few minutes in the Pits chasing some sticks. Horrible mom that I am, I totally forgot to make sure we had some tennis balls in the car. Eh, we'll just have come back out soon to swim for tennis balls. He did still have fun running the trail though, so the whole day wasn't ruined for him :).

We obviously don't walk fast enough for Vito :).

Running back to us, he never goes to far ahead.

Where are your dog's favorite places to be active? 

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